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We talk about how to make your LMS platform profitable, how to sell online courses or tips for efficient training management.

10 de November de 2022
What training data can you consult on your Foxize Cloud platform?
22 de February de 2022
Moodle LMS vs. Foxize Cloud LMS SaaS
13 de July de 2021
Foxize Cloud Update July 2021
6 de July de 2021
Diagnostic Projects, another source of income beyond training
23 de June de 2021
Onboarding training: support your new employees
9 de June de 2021
Customer training: a path to success
7 de June de 2021
Foxize Cloud june 2021 Update
1 de June de 2021
The 3 key points of training: content + data + platform
17 de May de 2021
Benefits of publishing diagnostic tests on your training platform
5 de May de 2021
The multi-language platform is now available in Foxize Cloud
28 de April de 2021
Foxize Cloud is available in English
21 de April de 2021
Why do we buy online courses?
13 de April de 2021
How to create fillable PDF for your online courses
7 de April de 2021
6 mistakes to avoid in your e-learning videos
23 de March de 2021
The advantages of forums for your online courses
16 de March de 2021
Devlog # 5: Kubernetes and Grafana
11 de March de 2021
Google Tag Manager, what it is and how to configure it for your training platform
4 de March de 2021
Help your users find their ideal course
15 de September de 2020
Edit your first e-learning video with OpenShot
8 de September de 2020
Record your online courses with PowerPoint
2 de September de 2020
The state of elearning during and after the coronavirus
30 de July de 2020
How to optimize the SEO of your training platform
21 de July de 2020
Introduction to OpenShot: Discover its interface
9 de July de 2020
Build your online school in a few minutes with Foxize Cloud
7 de July de 2020
OpenShot: your new video editor for your online courses
2 de July de 2020
How to optimize your e-learning videos for your online school
18 de June de 2020
Types of e-learning videos for your online course
11 de June de 2020
How to use Zoom: Everything you need to know for your webinar
21 de May de 2020
Academia BJ Adaptaciones: Connect with the client through training
19 de May de 2020
Tips to define your diagnostic tests
7 de May de 2020
Boost your training platform engagement with these tips
16 de April de 2020
9 tools to capture your screen and webcam simultaneously
2 de April de 2020
5 tips to record the voice-over of your online courses
26 de March de 2020
Devlog # 4: Deploying Amazon S3 + CloudFront
During the last month, we have been working to incorporate S3 and CloudFront services from Amazon Web Services to improve the performance of Foxize Cloud. Thanks […]
19 de March de 2020
The 10 best tools for Webinars
12 de March de 2020
Attract new users to your school with lead magnets
20 de February de 2020
How to optimize your images to improve the performance of your training platform
18 de February de 2020
Why is it important for optimize the performance of your training platform?
11 de February de 2020
How to measure the impact of your training with data
6 de February de 2020
7 essential skills any trainer must have
21 de January de 2020
Tips to edit your e-learning videos like a pro
16 de January de 2020
Now is the time to create your B2B training projects
14 de January de 2020
10 tips to manage your students’ attention
9 de January de 2020
How to record quality e-learning videos
17 de December de 2019
10 tools to create effective presentations for your courses
29 de November de 2019
How to apply storytelling in your classes
26 de November de 2019
6 ways to promote your online and face-to-face courses
14 de November de 2019
10 activities to boost your training
12 de November de 2019
Why train your employees?
24 de October de 2019
Top 10 Video Editing software (Free and Paid)
22 de October de 2019
Online Training vs Live-Classes Training, which is better?
15 de October de 2019
The history of Foxize Cloud
8 de October de 2019
6 reasons to start your own training platform
3 de October de 2019
Devlog # 2: Docker Infrastructure
26 de September de 2019
10 steps to create your first online course

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