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GDPR compliance

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Compliance with FUNDAE

Platform metrics and reports

Email marketing tool

Certificates at the end of the training

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 Plan complements

  • Integrations with external APIs.

  • SSO connections to internal systems.

  • Courses

  • Data service

  • Ad-hoc registration data.

  • Configuration and setup

  • Core features

  • E-commerce


    1Is there a minimum hiring time?
    No, there isn’t. Use the platform as long as you need and unsubscribe whenever you want without any commitment, we have no permanence or penalty clauses. We will keep your data for 6 months. Once the period has expired and you have not reactivated your project, it will be deleted. But don’t worry, we will keep you informed all the time.
    2Can I change plans?
    Yes, you can change the plan whenever you want. We offer you maximum flexibility: you can start with a basic plan and expand it over time. If you grow, we grow with you.
    3Is there any materials limit within an online course?
    No, there isn’t. Depending on the plan you choose, you have limitations regarding the number of active online courses, but these can have videos, downloads, links, exercises or tests that you want.
    4Who owns the data of the users of the platform?
    The data is yours and yours alone. At Foxize we have access to data of your users for security and technical reasons, but we will never use or exploit it.
    5Does the platform comply with the European Data Protection Regulation?
    Yes it does. The platform has been developed and adapted under the GDPR requirements. Your project will comply with the necessary security conditions for your users.
    6Where is my data hosted?
    We use Amazon Web Services to host the project and Vimeo to host the videos. Both oh them are platforms with stable, scalable and secure infrastructure.
    7Are your user payments safe?
    The available payment methods on the platform meet optimal security criteria for digital media: Paypal, Stripe and TPV gateways are secure systems.
    8Is the user data secure?
    Your data is safer in the cloud than on your computer. All data is stored on Amazon and is constantly backed up. In addition, the team with access to your data has a confidentiality contract.
    9Are there alternative payment methods?
    If you do not have a corporate credit card you can contact and we will provide you with alternative payment options.

    If you have questions or need something more specific, contact us